Preschool facilities offer a range of sensory play; children have an indoor and outdoor area. The indoor area has a range of play for learning spaces which include home corner, construction, reading, block building, dress ups, writing, art, relaxation space and a meeting place. A range of stimulating provocations are set up for children to explore, play and imagine.

The outdoor space is inviting and creates risk taking in their movement and play. A beautiful nature play area flows through the whole space including a sand pit, creek, water pump, bridge, rock wall, leading to a mud kitchen, musical playground, cubby and boat. Lots of wonderful inquisitive learning occurs along with imaginative play. An inspiring space for children to explore and enjoy.

A community library and school library offer a range of books and literacy packs for families to share with their child. Reading with your child every day is a must and an amazing experience for you and your child. Literacy packs support parents to ask questions, enjoy a book with their child and engage in other activities which are related to the book.

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