Early Years Learning

Children grow and learn best in a safe and caring environment. Staff use routines, planned activities and child initiated play as learning experiences. We believe that children have a voice in their learning, children learn, practice and develop skills best through play and staff continually support and challenge children through interactions. 

Each term a term overview is prepared which gives a direction for the term’s programme.  A programme based on the National Early Years Learning Framework and ‘Being, Belonging and Becoming’ is then prepared based on the needs of the children, interests and special events. We also work in partnership with the school seeing shared play with the junior primary class and join in with extra curricular activities i.e. sports day, assemblies.


Communication is of great importance to your child’s well-being, involvement and development of learning. We have a range of tools used to communicate and receive feedback from you on a regular basis. As part of the National Quality Standards we are required to gain regular input and feedback which we value to create further opportunities for your child.

A Parent information board is outside near the first door of the preschool, please check this board at drop-off.  This board displays the recent and upcoming happenings at the preschool. In the preschool we use ‘Appsessment’ to communicate throughout the year about your child’s learning and access to your child’s photo journal. We also communicate to our parents via the Skoolbag app; if you need help with downloading the Skoolbag app please speak to the front office staff. The Loxton North School website has further information about our site.

A school newsletter is sent home tri-weekly. Other information specific to the preschool such as excursions will be printed and placed in communication pockets. Along with the child’s name, the name of the main care giver is also placed on the communication pockets to assist parents to learn the names of each other.

An information session for parents / carer’s of new preschool children is held at commencement of your child’s preschool journey, either during the day or on an evening. Please make yourself available to attend one of these during your child during their first term, or in the pre-entry session.


If you would like to discuss your child’s development, you are most welcome to talk with a staff member informally or make an appointment for a more formal meeting with the preschool teacher. We welcome opportunities to discuss with families any concerns about your child’s time at preschool or any issues to do with preschool matters, please talk directly to the preschool teacher. Staff also welcome and appreciate constructive feedback. Parent Opinion Surveys and other forms of feedback give us opportunities to share ideas and continually improve our service.

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