Principals Welcome

Dear Families

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our unique school. It offers high quality education along with experiences and opportunities to develop the whole child. Our staff are true professionals who invest time and effort to create learning programs that are research based and use high impact strategies to ensure success for all.

Students’ learning is monitored and reviewed regularly with them. It is important they understand where they are at with their learning, what they need to do to progress and how they will get there. Our learner dispositions of Think, Persist, Communicate, Self-regulate and Seek assist students to achieve this. Regular communication with families enables the learning progress to be shared and the productive struggle being acknowledged and valued. This will build their ability to enjoy the challenge and seek stretch in their learning.

Our school community is like an extended family, we all look out for one another, develop strong relationships and value one another’s contribution and success. As you explore the website you’ll learn about the facets that make Loxton North School unique and an amazing place for your child to learn and family to be a part of.

Kind regards,

Vanessa Wainwright

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SchoolPrincipals Welcome