At Loxton North School we welcome everyone. Strengths are nurtured, minds are challenged and growth areas are developed. We enjoy each others talents and share our experiences for the benefit of everyone. From Playgroup to Occasional Care, Preschool to Year 7, we enjoy outstanding open spaces through Nature Play, refurbished classrooms and library, new technologies, mud kitchen and our own school swimming pool. 

Loxton North School offers individualised learning plans for our students, we cater for all learning styles and needs; stretching students with their learning is a priority. We specialise in the Language of AUSLAN (sign language for the hearing impaired) and STEM, these are taught to students throughout the school.  Our Preschool is a play based inquiry learning and adopts the Reggio Emilia philosophy. Students input into learning programs is valued and sought after while planning using the Early Years Learning Framework - Being, Belonging and Becoming. 

Literacy and Numeracy is a priority at our site.  Literacy entails reading, spelling, writing, handwriting, and oral language.  These elements of literacy are taught using research based approaches which are proven to progress students learning.  We use synthetic phonics approach as the basis and activities occur daily developing student's rigour and depen understanding of the English language. Student' progress is tracked and monitored reguarly. 

Numeracy involves students learning skills and concepts of: number & algebra, measurement & geometry and statistics & probability.  These skills are taught specifically and then applied to real life problems so application can occur of the skill and further deepening of knowledge.  Literacy and Numeracy is intertwined with all other curriculum areas; Science, Technology, The Arts and HASS (History & Geography). 

Deepening students understanding of themselves as a learner occurs through our work on a growth mindset and learner dispositions.  A growth mindset is modeled and taught to students from preschool onwards, they learn how their brain works, pathways that are created when learning, learning mistakes are part of the process and how we move through struggle in learning.  The learner dispositions of seek, think, persist, communicate and self-regulate give students the skills to do this.  Reflection and sharing of this with others is crucial in understanding the stages of learning and once we master something we then have new learning and the process repeats again. 

The school has excellent facilities, with each classroom having a double room space, court yard for further explorations, STEM Centre that connects facilities so students can access what they need i.e. kitchen, computers, woodwork, garden, science, construction, media tools.  Also have a recently developed Orchard Grove with a range of fruit trees that are cared for and maintained by all students.  A magnificent Preschool and Occasional Care space both indoor and outdoor which fosters curiosity and learning through play. 

At Loxton North School we believe a smooth transition from preschool to school creates happier students and active learning.  Loxton North School is a feeder school to Loxton High School.  Year seven students undergo an extensive transition program with High School staff and students. 

Loxton North School is a member of the Loxton Renmark Partnership. 

The school reflects the passion and dedication of staff, families and students.