ABOUT US - Overview


Loxton North School is set amongst horticultural properties on extensive grounds.  Students have access to a variety of playing areas including a huge grassed area, playground, mud kitchen, asphalt areas and a COLA (covered outdoor learning area).

The schools onsite Preschool is open on Tuesday and Thursdays (weekly) and every second Friday during school terms.  The Preschool also hosts Playgroup every Wednesday morning from 9:00am til 11:00am and Occasional Care every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:45am til 11:45am.  More information about these services can be obtained by calling the school on (08) 8584 1369.

The school is adjacent to the Loxton North Sporting Complex and makes use of the tennis and netball courts, and the oval facilities for pedal prix training.

The school has its own swimming pool, complete with shade structure. Members of the Loxton North community have access to the pool outside school hours when a bond is paid for a key, and other criteria is met. Students use the pool daily during the summer months for physical education and social activities.

The classrooms are spacious and all areas are air conditioned. The preschool facilities were upgraded at the end of 2019, the outdoor learning space was updated, with a mud kitchen added to the nature play space, and the entire inside of the facility was refurnished and redecorated. The school yard has also seen some new developments, with the addition of the Nature Play 2.0. The classrooms include interactive whiteboards, and up to date technology such as learning IPads and 3D printing. The school also offers an intensive STEM program, AUSLAN, and an adaptive learning attitude, to best suits each child\'s needs.

Whilst Loxton North School does not have its own Out of School Hours Care program we do offer a free bus in to Loxton to the Loxton OSHC located near the Loxton Primary School.